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OIT (Oral Immunotherapy) in a "Nutshell"

What is Oral Immunotherapy? 

Oral Immunotherapy is a medical treatment, carried out by a board of certified allergists, to help people with their food-related allergies. A patient, who experiences this therapy, could find results in a decrease or ELIMINATION of their allergy to food.

The Treatment Process

The patient's first day of treatment consists of consuming a minimum amount of their specific allergen, spread throughout a day. Over the course of time, the doctor will increase the dosage which in return increases the patient's "threshold of tolerance." The patient's tolerance slowly will increase, until their immune system adapts to their allergy. 

The Difference 

Treating food allergies with OIT can improve an individual's overall quality of life. Below is a shortlist of how OIT can change your way of life:   

To find out more about OIT and how it can benefit you or a loved one's life please call our office and book your appointment today! 

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