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Resources For Kids


What Is Asthma?


Using an Inhaler

What Is A Food Allergy?

What Are Allergies?

Be a PAL

The Be a PAL: Protect A Life™ From Food Allergies education program can help kids learn how to be a good friend to those with food allergies. Check out our Be a PAL page for more information.

Kids Ask Alexander 

Our “Alexander, the Elephant Who Couldn't Eat Peanuts” book series can help you learn how other kids manage food allergies and talk about the feelings that go along with having them. To order the series, please visit our online store at

Dear Alexander,

I'm allergic to peanuts. My older sister doesn't have any food allergies, and she gets mad that we can't eat in certain restaurants because of my food allergy. I feel really bad that she gets so angry. What should I do?

Even if she gets mad sometimes, your older sister loves you and wants you to be safe. Talk to your mom and dad about how you are feeling. Maybe they will take you and your older sister out to different restaurants sometimes, or cook the types of food your sister misses at home instead. Talk to your sister too, and tell her how it makes you feel when she gets mad. I bet she’ll see things differently right away.

Good luck!

Your friend,

You can Ask Alexander your own question by emailing  We’ll post select questions and answers so other kids can learn from your question, too! 

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