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Skin Testing


Allergy Skin Testing Information:  *Please allow 2-3 hours for your initial consult*

What is Skin Testing?

Skin Testing, also called a scratch test, is the most accurate diagnostic test used by a trained allergist/immunologist. It is a simple procedure best described as tiny scratches that are generally on the surface of the skin on your back. It is used to identify the substances that are causing your allergy symptoms. It is performed by applying an extract of allergen to your skin, and then evaluating the skin’s reaction.

For those patients who do not react to this type of skin test, an intradermal process may be performed. Because everyone is unique in what their specific allergic triggers are, knowing what you are allergic to is important for the effective treatment of allergies.

Things to Expect?

Skin Testing involves a series of pricks. If this test is negative, the procedure is followed by intradermal testing to confirm that you are not allergic. This procedure is done in the office and takes approximately 60- 90 minutes to complete, including observation time.

*We offer numbing (EMLA) cream to help make children more comfortable during the testing. If you would like this, please tell our receptionist while scheduling your appointment. There is a $5 fee for EMLA cream.

You will need to arrive 45-60 mins prior to appointment for cream to be effective.

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