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Allergic to Cigarette Smoke? A Reader Write In.

"I am allergic to cigarette smoke and pollution, why aren't there allergy shots for these yet?"

While it is possible, and quite common actually to display signs of allergic rhinitis/asthma. While they are airborne villains to avoid, they are not classified as allergens. They are technically called irritants, due to the chemicals they contain. When someone with allergies to other things, like pets, mold, pollen, etc... meet nose to air with these guys they end up irritating the airway and as a result this thins the mucus lining. This allows your true allergens a better opportunity to pester your immune system. Perhaps trigger is a more accurate term. By lessening your exposure to these triggers, you lessen the chance of having allergy/asthma symptoms.

Great question!

Not to mention the dangerous effects of inhaling the smoke directly:


Do you have issues with being around cigarette smoke? If so, have you been allergy tested?

Give us a call if you are interested in being on your way to better breathing with an accuraate same day diagnosis, treatment and management plan.

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